Annual Healthcare Appointments for Children in Jacksonville, FL

Whether your child is male, female, a toddler, or a teenager, there are some essential healthcare appointments that you need to schedule for your child each year.

We all have busy lives so it makes sense to sit down and make those important healthcare appointments all at the same time. When you plan ahead, you are in control. You pick the time of year along with the date and time that fits best into your schedule, which gives you a lot more options!

Primary Physician Annual Check Up

It’s good practice to have a general checkup once a year where Orange Park Pediatrics will check your child’s blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and do blood work. Blood and urine tests will show levels of blood count, your child’s fluid balance, glucose, cholesterol, as well as kidney and liver function.

Young adults should also try to find a primary care physician to establish a health care history, although some may decide to only utilize clinics or urgent care facilities for their specific needs. This particular method is especially helpful if an individual frequently encounters issues with their insurance coverage.

Vision Care

Children should have their eyes checked every 2 years if they have no vision issues, and annually if they already wear glasses. At some point,most of us will likely need glasses or contact lenses, perhaps even starting from childhood. This makes it more important for your children to have their vision checked. Make an appointment to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist depending on your child’s vision needs.

Two Dental Appointments for Cleaning

This necessary cleaning should be done twice a year. It will not only keep your child’s nice and bright, but the visit will also check for gum disease, any impacted teeth, cavities, and potential movement of the teeth. The annual X-ray will be able to detect any other possible issues that are not visible on the surface. It is your best way to handle any dental problems before they become more complicated and more expensive.

You can start these appointments, and get further input as to other appointments with specialists as needed, from the pediatricians at Orange Park Pediatrics. Reach out to one of our three locations in Orange Park, Fleming Island, and Jacksonville!