How to Choose a Pediatrician

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the first, and most important, decisions you’ll make as a parent. A good pediatrician is important because they’re the main source of information when it comes to your child’s health.

How Do I Find a List of Pediatricians in my Area?

The American Academy of Pediatrics provides patients with a tool that allows them to search for pediatricians in the community. You can narrow your search down by city, languages spoken, medical sub-specialty and zip code.

What Questions Should I Ask Potential Pediatricians?

It’s important to ask a lot of questions when interviewing potential pediatricians. Here’s a full list of questions to ask during the interview:

  • Are you board certified?
  • What hospital affiliations does your practice have?
  • Is your office good with returning calls?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Where did you go to medical school?
  • How do you feel about the use of antibiotics?
  • Do you do same-day appointments for sick children?
  • Do you accept my health insurance?
  • Do you have any sub-specialties?
  • If you’re unavailable, who will my child see?
  • What ages of children do you treat?
  • Do you have children of your own?
  • What are your thoughts on vaccinations such as the flu vaccines?

Finally, many pediatric groups offer a “prenatal consult” or “getting to know us” visit for many expectant parents. This is a good opportunity to interact with the practice before choosing your pediatrician.

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