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Fall is here and with that, comes flu season. It’s important to schedule your child for the flu shot early.

It’s that time of year when kids are back in school. And with school comes close contact with other children, some of whom might not be feeling their best.

dule yo That’s why getting your child vaccinated against the flu matters. As parents, our children’s well-being is our top priority.

Each year the flu virus affects millions of children causing severe illness. By not getting your child vaccinated you’re not protecting them and those around them.

The good news is that flu vaccines are safe, effective and recommended for all children over six months old. Getting vaccinated reduces the risk of complications and hospitalization, ensuring your child stays healthy and active.

Remember prevention is always better than cure. So don’t wait to talk to your health care provider about scheduling your child’s flu shot today.

Together let’s protect our little ones and keep them flu free. Schedule an appointment today at Orange Park Pediatrics by calling (904) 269-2140.

Relief from RSV from Baptist Health

Mom holding baby.

The FDA has recently approved new tools to combat respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), including a monoclonal antibody injection called Beyfortus for newborns and infants, as well as RSV vaccines for adults aged 60 and older. These breakthroughs represent significant progress in RSV prevention, particularly for vulnerable populations, and offer hope for future vaccines for children. For more in-depth information, please refer to the full article from Baptist Health titled, Relief from RSV.

Orange Park Pediatrics is Making It Easier For Parents To Manage Their Child’s Health Online


Our team at Orange Park Pediatrics wants to make children’s health records more easily accessible to their parents. So we have implemented a new system called My Baptist Chart, an online portal system.

With My Baptist Chart, you can view upcoming appointments, schedule appointments online, easily fill out pre-visit paperwork, and pay your bill online, all conveniently from wherever you are.

Mom and dad looking at computer while kids play in background

So How Can I Get My Baptist Chart?

There are 3 ways to get started:

Schedule A Pediatric Check Up In Jacksonville, FL

If you are wanting to schedule an appointment or are wanting more information about the My Baptist Chart, our team is here to help you.

Request Appointment

COVID 19 Update

April 19, 2021 Update

Happy Spring! A year into this pandemic and here at Orange Park Pediatrics, we are still committed to the health and wellbeing of our patients, their families, and our employees. Thank you for working with us to make this possible.

Face Mask Policy

The face mask policy remains an important safety measure to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Therefore patients and family members over the age of two(2) will still be required to wear a face mask. We ask that face masks cover the mouth and nose at all times while in the building at all three of our locations.

Office Procedures

We will be opening our waiting rooms at our Smith St. office and our Argyle office!

Our Fleming Island office will continue to follow their current process of well-visits entering the waiting room, while sick visits sign in at the back/side door.

Smith Street and Argyle

  • If your child is coming in for a well-visit/physical, you may now come into the building(while wearing a mask) and sign in, bringing the child in with you. Should we have an exam room available, you will be taken back. If a room is not available, you will be asked to wait in the waiting room, keeping the appropriate distance from other families that may be waiting as well.

For sick patient appointments, we ask that you also come into the building to sign in(while wearing a mask). Please leave a good call-back number and then return to your vehicle until an exam room becomes available.

*Any parent that still chooses to wait in their vehicle, may certainly do so! We just ask that you leave a good call-back number for when it is time for your appointment.

COVID-19 Procedures

We follow CDC guidelines for testing, quarantine, and return to work/school recommendations. We can provide an appointment for testing reasons of travel clearance, school/work, known exposure, and general COVID symptoms.

We have two options available for testing at all three locations. We can perform the COVID Rapid test, which has same-day results, and the COVID PCR test which has results typically within 2-4 days. A provider will discuss with you which test is appropriate for your child during their visit.

The Importance of Well Child Visits

-In recent months, families have been doing their part by staying at home as much as possible, to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As communities open up, it’s important your child goes in for their well-child visit. These well-child visits are essential for many reasons, including:

Tracking growth and development including milestones, social behaviors, and learning.

Discussing any concerns about your child’s health.

Getting scheduled vaccinations to prevent illnesses like measles and whooping cough (pertussis) and 12 other serious diseases.

At the well-child visits, you will also be able to get any school forms that may be needed or immunization forms.


We appreciate all of you for helping us maintain a safe environment for everyone here and we look forward to continuing to serve you and the community!

July 10, 2020 Update

These are stressful times for all, and we want to ensure all of our parents that we are taking every precaution to keep your child healthy. We are following all CDC and AAP guidelines. We are requiring everyone over the age of 2 to wear masks when entering all of our locations. We are keeping our waiting rooms empty. We are screening everyone that comes in our offices. We are doing extra cleaning in addition to our cleaning service. We are also doing our best to separate high-risk patients from our well-child visits.

The AAP is recommending that we continue to see your children for their well-child care visits, so they don’t get behind.

Should you have any questions regarding our procedures, please give us a call.
family in masks

May 18, 2020 Update

Orange Park Pediatrics will continue the existing process for COVID-19 through the month of June.

Please note Baptist Primary Care requires all parents and patients over the age of two to wear a mask, and we encourage you to bring your own to your appointment.

October 1, 2020 Update

Here at OPP, we are following all CDC and AAP guidelines. The AAP recommends that we still see your child for well-visits to keep them healthy and on schedule. It is a requirement that everyone over the age of two(2) wears a mask/face covering into the building, at all three locations. Below are the procedures for each office.

Smith Street and Argyle Locations:

Both parents and the child that is scheduled are allowed back for the appointment.
We are asking you to sign in at our front door with the child’s name and a phone number and wait in your vehicle.
A nurse will then call you as soon as a room has been sanitized for your appointment.
Upon entering, a nurse will take your temperature and then escort you to the room.
Masks are required for anyone over the age of two.
Fleming Island Office

Both parents and the child that is scheduled are allowed back for the appointment.
We ask that you sign in at the front desk, then you will have your temperature taken and then be taken to a sanitized room.
Masks are required for anyone over the age of two.
We are screening everyone that calls and enters our offices, to the best of our ability. We are also separating high-risk patients from all well-visit patients.

KIn addition to our nightly cleaning service, we are adding extra cleaning procedures into our daily routines for the safety of our patients/parents.

We are doing our best and are committed to the health and safety of our patients and their families. As always, should you have any concerns/questions, please give us a call!

COVID Policy

Now that COVID 19 has arrived in our community our team at OPPA wants to assure our families that we are taking the health of our patients and staff seriously. We have taken the following measures:

  • Patients will sign in outside our office and wait in their cars. We will call when we have a cleaned exam room ready.
  • Within the next 24 hours, we will be seeing all PHYSICALS at our Smith St. office. Our Clay and Argyle offices will be seeing sick only.
  • Only one parent and the patient are allowed at the appointment.
  • We are in constant communication with the Department of Health and local hospitals and are acting quickly to adhere to all guidelines and recommendations.

Thank you for your understanding of our necessary changes and for helping us in our goal to keep everyone healthy!!


Contact Orange Park Pediatrics for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

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4 Serious Flu Symptoms That Require A Trip To The Doctor

Flu season is upon us again, and it can be difficult for parents to decide if they should be overly worried. Although most healthy children will weather the disease fine without visiting Orange Park pediatrics, there are 4 flu symptoms that parents should watch for to tell them that something is seriously wrong.

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